Thursday, November 10

just been too long

There has been a shocking lack of posts here. So to break
the ice, here are a few beautiful pictures that were taken
this Summer on our exploration of Colorado. Enjoy.
...the Taylor Reservoir.
Overlook at Cottonwood Pass Continental Divide


Anonymous said...

That picture of Charlotte is so precious it makes me want to cry!

Courtney said...

O my goodness. I LOVE that picture of Charlotte! I want one to frame. The other shots are pretty spectacular too though Charlotte's "amazingness" is hard to beat.

Candace Nelson said...

Thank you, lovely ladies.

E. M. R. said...

I love the pics...sign me up for that one of Charlotte too--it totally captures her sweetness.

memory said...

Beautiful pictures! Came across your blog from Courtney's :) Very nice.